Dwelling Houses


Ultimate Planning Solutions help people who want to build their perfect house. We provide a service that helps with the design and layout of the house, making sure that it is compliant with zoning regulations and other ordinances. This includes ensuring that the lot is appropriately sized and zoned for residential use. We are invaluable partners in helping to negotiate contracts with builders and developers to ensure that the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Our team can help you achieve your dream house by helping you navigate through Council requirements including meeting development standards such as building envelope, building height, floor space ratio, building setbacks, off-street parking, provision of essential services, and considerations of neighbourhood amenity.

Ultimate Planning Solutions ensures that all matters specific to your property are appropriately addressed to ensure Council approval for your dwelling house aspirations. Our team plays an essential role in the development of a home by providing invaluable services for those looking to build a new house. Let us help ensure that the project is completed within budget, while also providing advice and guidance on all aspects of design, layout, and build.

What are the Council Requirements relevant to my Application? 
Although each application will be different, common Council requirements to consider when applying for a Dwelling House includes: 

Building Design

Have you found your ideal house design with everything picked out from room layouts to the inclusion of balconies to the second storey bedrooms? Does your dream house plan meet building requirements specific to your property including building height restrictions and setback requirements? Here at ultimate planning solutions a preliminary planning assessment will take out all the guess work of design requirements specific to your property.


You may have found the perfect property to build the house of your dreams, beautiful location and plenty of flat land capable of supporting a new dwelling house. However, Council might identify portions of your lot which are susceptible to bush fire hazard, high flooding risk or home to environmentally significant species. Will you still be able to find the perfect location on your property to build a house? Ultimate Planning Solutions works closely with Council to mitigate any potential hazards or risks associated with your proposed dwelling house.

Parking and Safe Access

Depending on the location of your property, Council have strict requirements for off-street parking including the number of car spaces and how these spaces are accessed on site. Additionally, your property may have a narrow road frontage and the dual occupancy may need to share a driveway. Ultimate Planning Solutions has extensive experience in finding solutions to Council concerns about parking and safe access to different properties. 


You may have the perfect design for your dwelling house from the ideal layout of rooms to the placement of windows which allows the morning sun to pour into your living room, but does that mean the neighbours can also see you enjoying your morning coffee? Ultimate Planning Solutions pride themselves on all the minor details including achieving privacy for both your dwelling house and privacy for your neighbours so no objections arise later which may result in unexpected changes to your design.

What is the Process? 

Our 6-step method streamlines the process for your project application. Each step is designed to ensure that your approval is achieved quickly and efficiently.


Free 30-minute Consultation
(Phone or Face to Face)


Preliminary Planning Assessment 


Development Application Preparation


Plan Creation 


Submission to Council


Post Development

Kevin is very professional and highly knowledgeable and always willing to offer advice. Thank you for always responding to my emails and keeping me updated. I would not hesitate in recommending his services! - Shaylene Clark

Council Approval Service for a Dwelling House

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