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Ultimate Planning Solutions strive to ensure our clients get the most out of their property and meet their business potential through effective land use planning. We ensure that all matters specific to your property are appropriately addressed to ensure Council approval for your desired business.

Ultimate Planning Solutions have the necessary expertise to help developers to create function facilities by ensuring that the necessary amenities are in place. This includes navigating through Council requirements including increased traffic and car parking needs, visual amenity, potential noise generation, and considerations of hours of operation.

We are capable of challenging and negotiating conditions on your behalf by using our extensive network of professional consultants and key government personnel, along with our strong knowledge and understanding of the local and state planning legislation/framework.

What are the Council Requirements relevant to my Application? 
Although each application will be different, common Council requirements to consider when applying for a Function Facility includes: 

Carparking Requirements

Depending on the location of your property your business will be subject to off-street carparking requirements for your patrons. Do you know how to calculate the parking requirements for your property based upon the location, use and size of your business? Be sure you are meeting all Council requirements and allow Ultimate Planning Solutions to take the guesswork out of your development application.

Hours of Operation

Function Facilities generally operate late into the evenings and can cause a nuisance to any adjoining properties. The main concerns relating to the operation of a business late into the night are noise from music and guests and car movements of guests leaving the site. How can these negative impacts such as noise or increased traffic be mitigated to reduce the risk of objection from the neighbours? Ultimate Planning Solutions has experience in meeting these concerns and finding solutions to keep everyone happy and your business up and running.

Business Operations

The council require in-depth details when considering applications for Function facilities. What are your operating hours, how many guests will there be, where will the car parking spaces be located or how close are your neighbours to the proposed activity? All of these aspects will need to be considered before lodging any application with the Council. Make sure all the boxes are ticked for your application by talking to the team at Ultimate Planning Solutions to ensure processing of your application is as efficient as possible.

What is the Process? 

Our 6-step method streamlines the process for your project application. Each step is designed to ensure that your approval is achieved quickly and efficiently.


Free 30-minute Consultation
(Phone or Face to Face)


Preliminary Planning Assessment 


Development Application Preparation


Plan Creation 


Submission to Council


Post Development


Kevin is very professional and highly knowledgeable and always willing to offer advice. Thank you for always responding to my emails and keeping me updated. I would not hesitate in recommending his services! 
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Council Approval Service for a Function Facility

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