Town planning has a very important role in the development of commercial property for a showroom activity. A showroom is a broad term which covers Bulky goods sales, motor vehicles sales showroom, and bulk stationary supplies store.


Preliminary town planning advice ensures the site is correctly zoned and serviced by necessary infrastructure to support the use. At Ultimate Planning Solutions, our team will ensure that the development adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, as well as any specific requirements set by Council or other stakeholders. 

Your plan to improve your property starts with our team assessing the key development controls commonly associated with a showroom activity. These include increased traffic and car parking needs, increased waste storage and servicing requirements, visual amenity, potential noise generation, and consideration to hours of operation.

By managing this process, Ultimate Planning Solutions can help to create a coherent space to meet your need for a showroom activity.

What are the Council Requirements relevant to my Application? 
Although each application will be different, common Council requirements to consider when applying for a Showroom includes: 

Traffic Generation

As Showroom developments can have constant movement of vehicles entering and exiting the site in all variety of sizes, it is important that the proposed development has been designed to ensure it meets Council traffic-related requirements. The generation of traffic will need to be calculated before submitting an application to Council which may even require a professionally prepared traffic report to communicate this information to Council.

Carparking Requirements

Depending on the number of staff, visitors to the site and deliveries received will determine how many off-street carparking spaces are required. Do you know how to calculate the parking requirements for your property based upon the location, use, and size of your business? Be sure you are meeting all Council requirements and allow Ultimate Planning Solutions to take the guesswork out of your development application.

Visual Amenity

As showrooms can be large developments, it is important to ensure your building design meets the requirements of the Council. Make sure that you have included all the details required by Council by having your development application prepared by Ultimate Planning Solutions.

What is the Process? 

Our 6-step method streamlines the process for your project application. Each step is designed to ensure that your approval is achieved quickly and efficiently.


Free 30-minute Consultation
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Preliminary Planning Assessment 


Development Application Preparation


Plan Creation 


Submission to Council


Post Development


Kevin was great! Always communicating with me abound the process and always willing to answer my questions. Top guy and great work! - Tanya Bachmann

Council Approval Service for a Showroom

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