Frequently Asked Questions


What many people realise is that when you don’t comply with town planning law, you’re actually breaking the law. We have had clients come to us who don’t have approval for their development and Council has issued a show cause notice identifying an alleged offence for use of their property without correct approval. If the show cause notice isn’t responded to correctly, under the Planning Act 2017 , Council can issue on-the-spot fines of $2,669 and upon conviction by a court up to $600,525 plus legal costs. Don’t risk having your development halted and the potential of heavy fines. Call us for a free consultation and to do a preliminary assessment of your approval.
As experienced town planners we are able to identify any constraints right away through a preliminary planning assessment. This means that there won’t be nasty expensive surprises down the track, and we can help you achieve what you want while complying with both local government and state government requirements. Additionally, our experience working within Council and the relationships we already have with Council employees ensures fast responses to any special queries about your property which can save you a lot of time and any second guessing. We are here to bridge the gap between your vision and achieving approval for your development.
We have trusted architects that we have engaged for years but you can also use your own designers too. We also work closely with other specialists and can arrange quotes for you to take away some of the leg work of finding your own specialists.
The cost of an application will vary depending on the scale and intensity of the development and the type of application is required. A preliminary planning assessment would be an ideal way to determine the expected costs of the application you intend to make. Call us for a free consultation and to do a preliminary assessment of your approval.


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