Warehouse Development


Warehouse developments are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses, as they offer more space than traditional office buildings. Ultimate Planning Solutions play a crucial role in the development of these warehouses, as we must ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support them.

Our team works with local authorities to make sure that the zoning regulations are appropriate for warehouse developments. We can help property owners maximise the potential of their properties by offering effective and detailed planning advice that will assist in the decision making for the desired development. As experienced planners, we deal with all sizes of developments from small scale warehouse conversions to multiple unit warehouse developments. Whatever the size, we can assist you.

Our years of experience gives us a thorough understanding of Council requirements and our clients can be assured that the advice they receive comes from first hand experience. Our point of difference is that our clients receive individualised service tailored to their needs and each application is treated with the utmost priority.

Let us help you make your warehouse ideas a reality, as we work with you through Council requirements including increased traffic and car parking needs, visual amenity, potential noise generation, and considerations of hours of operation. Ultimate Planning Solutions ensures that all matters specific to your property are appropriately addressed to ensure Council approval for your desired outcome.

What are the Council Requirements relevant to my Application? 
Although each application will be different, common Council requirements to consider when applying for a Warehouse Development includes: 

Traffic Generation

As the nature of Warehouse developmentsis the persistent movement of vehicles entering and exiting the site in all variety of sizes, it is important the the proposed development has been designed to ensure it meets Council traffic-related requirements. The generation of traffic will need to be calculated before submitting an application to Council which may even require a professionally prepared traffic report to communicate this information to Council.

Carparking Requirements

Depending on the number of staff, visitors to the site and deliveries received will determine how many off-street carparking spaces are required. Do you know how to calculate the parking requirements for your property based upon the location, use and size of your business? Be sure you are meeting all Council requirements and allow Ultimate Planning Solutions to take the guesswork out of your development application.

Visual Amenity

As warehouse can be large developments, it is important to ensure your building design meets the requirements of the Council. Make sure that you have included all the details required by Council by having your development application prepared by Ultimate Planning Solutions.

What is the Process? 

Our 6-step method streamlines the process for your project application. Each step is designed to ensure that your approval is achieved quickly and efficiently.


Free 30-minute Consultation
(Phone or Face to Face)


Preliminary Planning Assessment 


Development Application Preparation


Plan Creation 


Submission to Council


Post Development


Ultimate Planning Solutions provide great service taking the stress out of planning applications. Chris was attentive returning calls and providing feed-back when I needed assistance.. At times I was uncertain thinking my questions were stupid, however all queries were answered promptly and with professionalism. Chris also helped me with a few matters unrelated to the job contracted for. He is easy to relate to and knowledgeable in his field of expertise: When ever there seemed a problem , in relation to my planning application, Chris and Ultimate Planning Solutions put me at ease! I could not have done my job without their service I would definitely use Ultimate Planning Solutions again, and have no hesitation in recommending this organisation. - Damien Bridger

Council Approval Service for a Warehouse Development

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