Low, Medium & High Impact Industry


Ultimate Planning Solutions town planners help to create a balance between different types of industry in an area. We work with low, medium, and high impact industry to make sure that each type of industry has the space it needs to grow and function, while still maintaining a level of harmony among all the industries.

  • Low impact industry includes businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, and professional services that tend to have a limited effect on the environment.
  • For medium impact industries, we may need to consider factors such as noise pollution or water usage in order to ensure that the business can operate safely and within local regulations.
  • High impact industries often require more detailed planning, particularly if they involve hazardous materials or create a large amount of waste.

Our team work with local government to ensure that the regulations for each type of industry are followed, and that the residents living near these industrial areas are protected from any potential hazards.

By creating an efficient balance between all the different types of industry in a local area, we are able to maximise economic growth while minimising the negative impact on residents.

Our service is responsible for making sure that there is adequate infrastructure in place to handle the needs of these types of businesses, as well as ensuring that residential areas remain safe and unaffected by the operations of these industries. With careful planning and attention, Ultimate Planning Solutions can help ensure that all forms of businesses can safely and responsibly operate in a community.

What are the Council Requirements relevant to my Application? 
Although each application will be different, common Council requirements to consider when applying for a Low, Medium or High Impact Industry includes: 
Landscaping Requirements
Landscaping is an important element of industrial design. No only does good landscaping provide increased screening opportunities to soften the industrial built form and hardstand areas, landscaping elements, particularly at the front of the site, provide a valuable buffer to sensitive land uses and non-industrial zoned uses.
Service Vehicle Access

It is important to ensure the development is designed to cater for the largest service vehicle required to access the site.

It is often the case that an Articulated Vehicle (AV) would require access to your industrial development. How that AV navigates the site to avoid conflict requires careful planning at the frontend.

First and foremost, we need to ensure the service vehicle can undertake ingress and egress from the site in a forward gear without conflict between visitor carparking, buildings and other loading areas.

Ultimate Planning Solutions will work closely with transport engineers to ensure the layout and design is acceptable to Local government requirements for access and manoeuvring whilst considering the desired outcome.

Industrial Design

Building design promotes a high quality industrial area through building articulation and presentation to the street.

To reduce the massing and bulk commonly associated with an industrial "tilt slab" design, walls facing the primary street frontage should accommodate variation in the horizontal plane, variation in parapet design and strong use of colour schemes to breakdown expansive blank walls.


What is the Process? 

Our 6-step method streamlines the process for your project application. Each step is designed to ensure that your approval is achieved quickly and efficiently.


Free 30-minute Consultation
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Preliminary Planning Assessment 


Development Application Preparation


Plan Creation 


Submission to Council


Post Development


Ultimate Planning Solutions provide great service taking the stress out of planning applications. Chris was attentive returning calls and providing feed-back when I needed assistance.. At times I was uncertain thinking my questions were stupid, however all queries were answered promptly and with professionalism. Chris also helped me with a few matters unrelated to the job contracted for. He is easy to relate to and knowledgeable in his field of expertise: When ever there seemed a problem , in relation to my planning application, Chris and Ultimate Planning Solutions put me at ease! I could not have done my job without their service I would definitely use Ultimate Planning Solutions again, and have no hesitation in recommending this organisation. - Damien Bridger

Council Approval Service for a Low, Medium or High Impact Industry

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